Best Watch Brands – How to Pick a Good Watch

best watch brand

When it comes to shopping for the best watch brands, we can all use some handy tips and on this website, I will be sharing with you some factors that when taken into proper consideration will guide you in picking not only a durable watch but also a top notch watch that can are easily accessible on different online stores and retail shops.

Now before I go into details on how to find these wrist watches including best military watch for the money, I want to quickly state that it is imperative to have a checklist whenever you go shopping for watches as it will guide against being confused by the vast number of top watch brands usually found in watch seller shops.

And now the 7 tips……..


Yes, budget is something you definitely would want to consider when anticipating the need for a new watch. Here, you simply have to define your budget and stay within it. Say you want to go for best watches under 1000 dollars, now $1,000 is your budget and this should serve as a filter for sorting cool watches that best meet your needs.

Define your watch strap preference

Before going shopping for a new watch, you should be able to define your watch strap preference. Are you a fan for chain, leather or rubber watch strap? Knowing what your watch strap preference is will speed up your shopping process.

Facial shape and size

Another important factor worth considering when planning to get yourself a brand new watch is to  decide which watch face design you are comfortable with. As you probably know, some of the best watches under 500 comes in different styles like; square, round, oval, rectangular and octagon shape.

watch for different occassionOccasion

What need will the watch be serving?  Will it be used for casual outing (jugging, swimming etc.) or for professional needs (Executive meeting etc?) you make sure that the watch you finally end up buying will serve the exact need(s) it was originally bought for. Believe me, you don’t want to make the mistake of buying a casual outing watch for use with corporate outfits.

Big or small face watch?

A question that you don’t want to miss asking yourself before buying any watch is; whether you prefer a big-face or a small-face watch? If you are the type with any eye deficiency, you will want to go a big face watch so that you will not face any challenge or difficulty in reading the time even in a room with poor lighting condition.

If you are buying the watch for your girl, you will want to go with a small face watch as the small face watch tend to fit ladies better given their small wrist nature. But for guys, big-face watches are usually their favorite because of their bigger wrist.

Seller of the watch

The reputation of the buyer from which you are planning to buy the watch from matter a great deal. With a seller that has higher rankings from previous customers you stand to get a more genuine and original watch than from a seller with a little or no reputation.